This category contains songs that are very easy to play and are the best choice for beginner mouth organ players. We’ve hand-picked all the songs that are easy to pick up and learn quite fast. The songs have simple melodies and relatively slow tempo, which is essential for beginner harmonica players. No songs in this section require you to know techniques such as tremolo, vibrato, bending, overbending or overblowing meaning that you won’t have to focus too much on articulation but just the melody. Make sure to get through a fair amount of songs in this section before you move on to the medium section, which is a bit more difficult as it introduces some new techniques and types of articulation. If you happen to just have purchased your first harmonica, go ahead and take a look at our “Start here” section, where we explain our system. Some of the easy songs we recommend for starters are “Old MacDonald”, “Silent Night” and “Every Breath You Take”. The songs in “Easy” section are in different genres, ranging from rock songs to Christmas Carols. You can pick whichever you like and start learning right away. Each song has an instructional video, which will be very helpful for beginner harmonica players. The videos can be slowed down so you can practice more precisely. Don’t force yourself – take a break once in a while and repeat the toughest parts as many times as you need. Once you learn some songs here, move on to the medium section, where the songs are a bit more difficult and incorporate many must-know techniques.

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