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Happy birthday – harmonica for beginners

harp tabs tutorial

Easiest way to learn playing harmonica with harmonica tabs.

Harmonica is an amazing instrument thanks to its history, sound but also the size. You can take this mouth organ basically everywhere – to school, to work, to a bar. But there’s a special event to take your harmonica to – a birthday party. Ever wanted to play “Happy Birthday” on a harmonica for someone? Well, now you can and not only will you learn playing “Happy Birthday” but you’ll learn it pretty quickly. All thanks to our revolutionary system of learning.

The harmonica notes we provide are an alternative to traditional sheet music and are perfect for people that don’t want to get into music theory too much. So if you want to hop right into the practice, just follow the notes we’ve provided and play the right holes of your harmonica. Remember, that you need a C harmonica for our tutorials. Once you get the notes down, head over the our instructional video to see how to play the song. Practice at a lower tempo first, try to hit the right notes. Good luck!

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