What we have for you is

of learning the harmonica!

However, before you start playing your favorite songs, have a little read on the tablature notation. It will take literally 2 minutes.

I will show you this on an example

5 - draw the fifth hole (draw air from the first hole) (4) - blow the first hole (blow air into the first hole) 4 - draw the fifth hole (draw air from the first hole), etc.

That's all you need to know for now!

If not all is clear for you yet, don't worry - things will become pure and simple once you start learning the first songs!

Now you're ready to pick your first song from the "EASY" category! The most frequently picked songs by the beginners are below

This site contains tablatures for C harmonicas with 10 holes (diatonic/blues scale). It's the most popular type of harmonicas. You'll find easy tabs for beginners as well as more difficult tabs for more advanced players. The "Articles" category (soon) will be your go-to place for valuable advice on playing the harmonica as well as all the other important information concering this instrument.