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Old MacDonald had a farm – harmonica song for kids

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Our harmonica notes will help you start playing your instruments in just seconds!

Harmonica is an instrument that lets you play all kinds of music anywhere you are! You can play blues, rock songs, pop songs, anything you’d like, but today we’re going to learn something special. Something, that will amuse your children for sure! Today we’re going to learn “Old MacDonald Had A farm”, which is an American folk song but also a nursery rhyme. The song has a moderate tempo, which is perfect for easy learning. Before you start learning, make sure you have a C harmonica. Other harmonica types won’t work with our tutorial. Once you’re certain you have the right type, just go over the notes and try to match them with the correct holes on your instrument. Play them in correct order but remember about the rhythm. To better know the rhythm, watch our instructional video below. You can also play along with it to develop your fluency. For more lessons, check out our other song tutorials.

7 7 7 6 (6) (6) 6
8 8 (8) (8) 767 7 7 6 (6) (6) 6
8 8 (8) (8) 7

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