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Imagine – Lennon

harp tabs tutorial

Our easy C harmonica notes is the best way to get your started with your instrument

What we all love about harmonica is the fact that you can play happy uptempo music and more mellow and reflective music and they both sound equally good. Here on our website we have lots of tutorials for both uptempo and slow music. Today we’re going to teach you “Imagine” by John Lennon. It’s his most popular song and it’s definitely worth learning. With our simple harmonica tabs, you’ll be able to master the song in less than a day (depending on your abilities). All it takes is a harmonica in C, our lesson and a little bit of practice. Just read the harmonica notes we’ve prepared and play the right holes. Then watch our instructional video to see how to the song is played. The video will help you with the rhythm. You can practice at a lower tempo first and adjust it accordingly to your progress. If you’re totally new on our webiste, make sure to see our general guide so you know how to read our harmonica notes.

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