The “Medium” section is filled with songs, that feature a relative amount of articulation techniques such as vibrato, tremolo, bending, overblowing and overbending. You don’t necessarily have to focus on them right away, but the songs sounds a lot better with them. Songs in “Medium” section might take longer to learn than the ones in “Easy” section but will learning them will definitely give you more satisfaction and experience in your harmonica adventure. Make sure to go through most of the songs in this section before you move on to “Hard” section. One of our recommendations here is “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”, which is a lovely low-tempo ballad.
Focus on the melody and rhythm first but make sure to practice the aforementioned techniques to make each song sound special. After you nail a fair amount of medium songs, feel free to try some from our “Hard” section. Each section has songs in many genres, so you should be able to pick something for yourself easily. We personally recommend genres such as Country and Blues as they are a foundation of harmonica music. Now go ahead and grab your C harmonica, pick a song and practice as long as you have to before you can nail the song in one try. Practice along to our instructional videos, which you can slow down at any time for more precise practicing. Remember to take a break once in a while – they’re as important as the practice itself. Once you learn to play most of the medium songs fluently, move on to the hard section to keep on progressing.

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