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This category is a combination of songs that are the most often visited songs on our site and a list of hand-picked songs we believe are a “must-learn” for every harmonica player regardless of their skill level. We recommend this section basically for everyone as it contains songs of various difficulty level. Songs in this section are the best songs to learn on a C harmonica. There are different genres too, so everyone can find something for themselves. Once you advance in your harmonica playing and go through the easy, medium and hard sections, the Top 10 section will be a good one to focus on. Make sure to practice these songs using the techniques you’ve learned in medium and hard sections, which are vibrato, tremolo, bending and so on. It’s good to focus on genres such as country and blues as they are the most suitable for harmonica playing. You can think of the Top 10 category as a “final exam” on our site, which will verify your harmonica progress. Don’t force yourself though – take time when learning the songs.

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