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Amazing Grace

harp tabs tutorial

Learn songs on a harmonica in C three times faster with our easy harmonica tabs. You can pick up many different genres here on our website. For example “Amazing Grace” – a Christian hymn from 18th century. It sounds amazing on a harmonica especially, if you incorporate techniques such as tremolo and vibrato. You don’t have to focus on these techniques right away. First, get the tabs down and practice to the instructional video below. Once you master the song structure, try to add in some tremolo for a nicer effect. “Amazing Grace” for harmonica in C is a good way to kick off your harmonica adventure.

(4) 5 6 (6) 5 6 6 (6) 5 4 (4) (4) 5 6 (6) 5 6 (6) 6 (7) 6 (7) (7)

Don’t bother with the traditional sheet music – use our easy harmonica tabs for significantly faster way of learning. Browse our website for different genres, which we have a lot of. Every genre will teach you something new. Practice regularly by revisiting our website and picking one song a day. This way you’ll master the instrument very quickly! Thank you for choosing our lessons.

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