Harp Christmas Carol – Silent Night

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Known as the most beautiful Christmas Carol, “Silent Night” is a must-learn if you want to give your Christmas season a nice, unforgettable vibe. It’s actually a low-tempo song, so it’s easy to learn if you have a C harmonica. If you’re visiting our site for the first time, please make sure to read our harmonica notes tutorial first. That’s where we explain how our system works and how to read the notes we prepare for every harmonica lesson. The “Silent Night” Carol sounds very nice on a harmonica, especially if you know have a good sense of articulation and know techniques such as tremolo, which is a technique of rapid volume modulation.

Give it a try and you’ll amaze your family and friends. Make sure to head over to our other harmonica lessons, which are also suitable for diatonic harmonicas.

(6) 6 (6) (5) (6) 6 (6) (5)
8 8 7 (7) (7) (6)
6 6 (7) 7 6 (6) 6 (6) (5)
6 6 (7) 7 6 (6) 6 (6) (5)8 8 9 8 7 (7) (8)
(7) (6) (5) (6) 5 4 (4)

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