learn harmonica – Eye of the Tiger

medium tabs

If you’re struggling with practicing on your harmonica, this song is just for you! “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor is like a soundtrack for training popularized by the movie “Rocky”. The difficulty of this one is moderate so it might take a bit more practice than a simple song like “Silent Night” but it’s worth the try! It will greatly improve your sense of rhythm. Just grab your mouth organ, take a look at the tabs we’ve prepared and give it a try.

Please remember, that you need a diatonic C harmonica in order for it to work. The notes indicate when to blow and breathe in the air, so no worries. If you are having trouble reading our tabs, make sure to see our general harmonica tutorial first, where we explain our music transcription system. Keep trying until you can play it perfectly and don’t forget to introduce techniques such as tremolo.

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