All Along the Watchtower – harp tabs

Easiest method to start playing rock music on a C harmonica.

Jimi Hendrix is an unquestionable legend of rock and a guitar master. His work made a huge impact on the evolution of music. People say his guitar was nothing but an extension of himself, that’s how good he was at playing. You on the other hand, can be an extraordinary harmonica player! If you spend enough time every day practicing, you’ll get there in no time. Especially, with our simple harmonica notes – that’s all you need to start playing. Let’s go ahead and learn “All Along The Watchtower” composed by Bob Dylan, but also played by Jimi Hendrix. All you have to do is read and match the letter notes to the right holes on your instrument. Remember you need a C harmonica for this. Play the notes in correct order and that’s it! And if you need help with the rhythm, watch and play along to the video below. Start at a lower tempo if you want and don’t be afraid to introduce some vibrato and tremolo techniques to your playstyle!

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