Stand By Me – how to play

How to start playing soul music on a C harmonica in a matter of minutes?

Harmonica is a great instrument for practically any music genre (well, maybe except extreme types of metal). It’s great for genres such us blues, rock, pop and today we’ll prove it’s great for soul, too! With this song, learning will be pure pleasure. In this lesson, you’re going to learn the song “Stand By Me” by Ben E. King – famous R&B and soul singer. It’s a very nice song to learn because it’s popular and most people will probably know the lyrics. To best learn this song, make sure you know how our lessons and notes work. If you don’t, please head over to the general guide. Read the notes we’ve prepared and try to find the corresponding holes on your C harmonica. Play each one of them to see what kind of range you’re working with. After that, watch our video to see how to rhythmically play the song. Now all it takes is practice. Remember, that you can always slow down the video and play along at a lower tempo. That helps a lot!

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