Last Christmas – harmonica notes

In this tutorial we’re going to learn another iconic Christmas song. This time it’s Wham!’s „Last Christmas”. Believe me when I say this – this song is worth learning. It has a really popular, mellow melody, which won’t be too much of a problem even if you are a beginner harmonica player. All you need is a C harmonica, our tabs and a little bit of drive to keep you going.

Our harmonica notes perfectly show you which holes to play and whether to blow the air or breathe it in through the instrument. It can’t get any easier than that! As mentioned before, you need a diatonic C harmonica as we make our tutorial for this specific type. The song has a romantic vibe to it, so try to implement techniques like tremolo to add to the richness of the sound. Songs like these are perfect for mouth organs because they’re very popular.

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