Jingle bells – christmas song

“Jingle Bells” is a must-have in your repertoire. Did you know this song was published in 1857? Christmas is coming and with this song under your belt, you’ll be able to celebrate this holiday with a bit of magic! We’re here to help. With our super simple harmonica notes, you’ll learn this song in a blink of an eye. Just go through the tabs and play the corresponding notes on your mouth organ.

The tabs indicate when to blow and breathe in the air but remember, that you need C harmonica. If you have a different type, the tutorial won’t work out too well unfortunately. Practice the song at a lower tempo if you’re struggling to fluently hit the right notes. Check our video tutorial to see how to perfectly perfom “Jingle Bells”. Once you get the basics down, make sure to experiment with techniques such as bending and tremolo.

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