Harmonica tutorial with tabs: GANGAM STYLE

Harmonica lessons for beginners.

Did you know that “Gangnam Style” used to be the most-viewed YouTube video? It went up so high, that only hit songs such as “See You Again” and “Despacito” were able to dethrone it. By the way, we have a harmonica lesson for the latter, too! Now, “Gangnam Style” is an uptempo song, so you might have some difficulties at first, but you can play it slowly first. Our harmonica tabs will help you a lot with this song. They’re much like classic sheet music, only more simple. They show you which hole to blow or draw air from.

Pop songs are easy with our harmonica tabs!

It can’t get any easier. Make sure your harmonica is diatonic, meaning that it has C tuning and 10 holes. Otherwise, our tabs might not match your instrument. Feel free to see our other harmonica lessons, too!

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