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Harmonica tabs to Eine Kleine Nacht Muzik

harmonica lesson

“Eine kleine Nachtmusik” is a well-known serenade by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, who was the most popular composer of the Classicism era. His way of composing was very balanced and his compositions are very pleasant to listen to because of that.

His remarkable style is so brilliant that people still listen to Mozart ‘til this day. Today we’re going to learn “Eine kleine Nachtmusik” on a C harmonica. You’ll see that even classical music is easy with our harmonica tabs! For that, we completely skip traditional sheet music and get right into the business with our easy harmonica tabs. With the help of our learning method, you’ll be able to play Mozart on a C harmonica in no time!

Make sure you practice every day for the best results. Our instructional harmonica videos will help you out a lot as they show you exactly how to play the song. Practice along with the tabs and you’ll learn very fast!
Once you nail the song, try to introduce some vibrato and tremolo techniques into your playstyle.

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