Canon in D – harmonica lesson

harmonica lesson

Canon in D by Johann Pachelbel is one of the most popular classic pieces of all time. The German composer came up “Canon in D” by the end of 17th century. It’s so popular, that you can find tons and tons of different covers on YouTube.

People play this composition on a wide range of instruments and we’re going to learn how to play it on a C harmonica. To make it all easy as pie, we’ve prepared a sheet of harmonica tabs, which you can find in this lesson. All you need is your mouth organ and our harmonica tabs. If this is your first lesson, make sure to first find out how to read the tabs in our “Start Here” section. Practice make perfect. Consistency and diligence is the key. Once you learn the basics, make sure to introduce some vibrato and tremolo techniques to keep progressing. Here at, we have lots of various harmonica in C lessons and tutorials, so feel free to come here often! There will always be something interesting and easy to learn here!

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