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Did you know that “Ode to Joy” is actually the fourth movement of Ludwig van Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony? Beethoven was known for his unpredictable composition techniques and musical temper. “Ode to Joy” was adopted as the Anthem of Europe in 1972. We think that’s a great reason to show you how to play this magnificent piece of music known as “Ode to Joy”. Below, you’ll find free harmonica tabs for “Ode to Joy” and an instructional video. These two tools combined, will let you learn it in a blink of an eye! Make yourself comfortable and study the harp notes below. Play them one by one and use the correct articulation.

The articulation is marked in the notes. Incorrect articulation can completely change the melody, so you want to be careful here. For more instructions go take a look at our “Start Here” section. Once you learn the song, try to incorporate some vibrato and tremolo techniques into your playstyle. “Ode to Joy” is worth spending time on with our free harmonica tabs.

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