Godfather theme on harmonica – how to play?

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Godfather is probably the most popular gangster movie of all time. Known not only for its’ brilliant script but also for amazing music, the movie went down in history as an all-time classic.

The “Godfather Theme” was written by Nino Rota – an Italian film composer and is probably one of the most popular movie themes ever. The melody starts with a chromatic figure, which adds a lot of character to the theme. We are very lucky because harmonica fits perfectly for this type of compositions.

Make sure you have a C harmonica to begin this lesson as the harmonica tabs below are written for this particular type of harmonica. If it’s your first lesson, make sure to read the “Start Here” section first. It will help you understand how to use our website and read our harmonica tabs. Once you get through that, you’ll quickly learn a lot more amazing harmonica songs on our website easily! Visit our website every day and practice regularly for the best results. We have a lot of great harmonica lessons and many more to come!

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