Fortunate Son – Harp tabs

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“Fortunate Son” by Creedance Clearwater Revival is a timeless rock song, which you can often hear in a lot of different movies. There’s something about this song, that just sticks out so well. The raspy vocals and thee feisty guitars are what make this song so great. Although there is no harmonica in the original song, nothing stops us from incorporating some mouth organ music into it.

Don’t worry if you’re a harmonica tabs beginner. Our system will guide you step by step through the learning process. First, focus on the harmonica tabs in C, which also show you the type of articulation. It’s important to know when to draw and blow the air. Our website’s goal is to help you learn playing popular songs on a harmonica in C.

We provide an instructional harmonica video for each lesson to help you progress faster and practice along with the music. It’s the best form of practicing. Visit our website every day and practice regularly to quickly learn playing harmonica songs.
You’ll find a lot of beginner harmonica songs on our website!

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