Let it snow – music notes

harp tabs tutorial

“Let It Snow” is a real classic Christmas song and has been performed by over 20 singers including Frank Sinatra, Michael BublĂ© and Rod Stewart. You can hear it on the radio as well as in TV commercials every year. The song has a very catchy melody, which makes it perfect to learn on a harmonica, even if you’re a beginner. Please remember, that for this tutorial you need to have a C harmonica.

It won’t work if you have a different type of harmonica. Take a look at the tabs and find the corresponding holes on your instrument. If you’re not sure when to blow or breathe in the air, take a look at our general harmonica tutorial. It will help you with our other harmonica lessons, too! Keep practicing until you can play the song fluently.

7 6 (6) (6) 5 (5) (5) 4 (4)

2 2 (6) (6) 5 (5) 4 (4) 2
2 2 4 (4) 4 (4) 3 2
6 6 (6) 5 (5) 4
7 6 (6) (6) 5 (5) (5) 4 (4)

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